Technical Services & Consulting

With our skilled and technical specialized team we provide our clients not just support but also optimum solutions to their technical issues with flexibility to choose response times and different channels like on place, phone, email, live support software…etc.


Software Solutions & Services

We specialize in digital and customer experience, business process automation, advanced analytics, digital workplace, ready-made Packages & customizable packages for institutions & companies Sectors and Retail Sectors for both web and desktop environments.

Marketing Services & E-Commerce Solutions

We are grounded in disciplines still critical for complete marketing excellence.We are expert in e-marketing  and e-commerce solutions and frameworks.importantly, we understand how to integrate traditional and digital marketing approaches.

Financial & ِِAccounting Consulting

You can depend on our team to help you define the kind of support you need, financial statement preparation, monthly, quarterly, and annual period-end close, prepare your tax returns and other required filings.

Business Services & Consulting

As our clients are our partners we help them to  take advantage of attractive opportunities, develop business models and outperform their competitors with our training packages, support and outsourcing services.

Data collection and Analysis solutions

We promote and improve our clients business by offer them a various solutions for data research, data analysis, data mining, data modeling, data cleaning, data processing, database integration and text operations.

Odoo Solutions

As Odoo Partner We can install and Implement your Business on Odoo and fulfil your needs with our deep knowledge in developing and programming using python and our extreme experience in many business fields  .

Technology under your authorityWith Our solution packages your business go forward.


TechCastle is not just a software company that providing information technologies services but it is an information technologies solutions provider  that offer its clients Several different solutions In the field of technology and business through a team of specialists in these fields taking into account the quality, cost and speed in solving the problem and provide effective alternatives.


founded in the 2013 serving their clients through a myriad of services, including Portals, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Application Integration, Advanced Infrastructure Services, Application Development Outsourcing, Quality, Consultation, Training, Financial and Business Consulting, Marketing and  Security.


When do you need us?As we are your success partners we provide you the following

We help our customers in planning and implementing the infrastructure of computer networks, as well as defining integrated technical solutions to follow the work cycle and follow the performance of employees through a set of software that suits companies of different sizes designed by our developer team.

We provide our clients with our advisory services in the field of information systems and technology to raise the performance of employees and increase thier rate of information security, as well as provide technical support, which leads to making full use of their technical capabilities.

We provide our clients with different software solutions suitable for the corporate sector as well as the retail sector, whether through previously prepared programs or by develop tailored made programs to suit the nature of the work with considerations of time, quality and cost.

We help entrepreneurs get ready to raise capital and manage cash flow. Please note that we cannot help our clients raise capital. This usually consists of some or all of our services. This is a service that is heavily regulated.

We provide our customers with integrated marketing plans that start from market surveys, budget and ordinary and digital marketing methods, and we implement them and supervise their implementation to ensure the best results.

We help our clients get ready to business and market changing and crisis by provide them our services in business planning, project management, crisis management and all other business services that help them face the real world business problems.

Experience and skills

Business Developing & Market Analysis
IT Support & Services
Web, Cloud, Mobile and Desktop Development
Ready Made Products & E-Commerce Solutions
Marketing Planning & Digital Marketing
Financial Consulting


  • Technical Services
  • Software Solution
  • Data Analysis
  • Business Services
  • Marketing
  • Financial

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