Center Of Excellence

TechCastle (COE) concept based on “People, Process, Technology”


Because our primary goal is to help organizations of all sizes for development and growth, we have established our own center of excellence in which we have been able to gather a group of experts in all areas of business to work with us full or part time or even independents I have taken into account the fundamental spirit of our company which is technology


In our center of excellence we create "Processes Standard" that help to improve service delivery quality by encouraging and providing the mechanism for sharing knowledge, documentation, processes and procedures, data, resources, experience, and best practices across an organization.Our Centers of Excellence "Processes Standard" can help an organization develop strategic capabilities by fostering the intake of new knowledge and the sharing of that knowledge enterprise-wide.


In our Center Of Excellence we select new technologies to adopt and integrate them with our existence technologies. Also we educate all our relevant business functions about these technologies and help all stakeholders to understand the role that these new digital platforms will play in the broader transformation strategy and build technical skills and capacity; and enforce best practices for building digital assets on the new foundation of technologies. We strive to ensure that all technology investments are aligned with each other and their capabilities are complementary and that these platforms can be easily integrated to support end-to-end process optimization.

We love this proverb in TechCastle