Our Products

Mr. Pets is a Veterinary Clinic Management System designed and created to be a Simple and useful. It consist of Two major Components:
1- Clients and their Pets medical profiles management
2- All Stock and Payments Handling management

The System will take you through the journey from the Client’s Pet entry to all clinical operation then to payment and reports

The system come in Arabic Language

The System can work stand alone or on network

Pharma Castle is E-Pharmacy software to manage pharmacies with Simple and efficient user interface design.Pharma Castle come with the security module to manage users privileges,centralized data storage and easy and interactive retrieval of the data,handle, manage and monitor pharmacy chains,quickly provides the information and analysis about the business which will help in the better decision making,stock monitoring with features of minimum stock alerts and expire date alerts,Barcode reader can be integrated to easily record the detail.Pharma Castle come to solve all the problems that are found in other programs like alternatives,purchasing,customer and suppliers returns,replacements,fast codes and other problems.Pharma Castle is your success business partner.


Ispetaila is a Hospitals Management System designed and created to be a global system for managing hospital.It consist of three major systems:
1- Patient health record system helps hospital staff to digitize patients’ record and manage their healthcare practice with ease.
2- Workflow management system that cover all hospital departments without any paperwork.Workflow management system guide you from define hospital departments and sectors with
all needed details then take you through hr and patients registration,operations,labs,pharmacies,accounting,medical insurance,…..etc.
3- Patient Portal system that enable patients to access/share with their family & physicians.
Ispetaila is a system you need to handle your healthcare organization with no effort.With Ispetaila you will have all what you need from one place.


HTriangle is our follow up application based on mobile technology.HTriangle is a real healthcare network that connect patient to all healthcare service providers labs,hospitals,clinics,pharmacies,doctors,medical insurance company.HTriangle mobile application has a very easy to use interface.HTriangle mobile application is a healthcare world that contains many features and very useful options to simplify the way that patient connect to healthcare world.with HTriangle mobile application health is our first concern.

Mr. Clinic is an end-to-end clinics management software that helps physicians and clinics to make their practice paperless and manage the daily work flow. We tailor customized clinic management systems that best suit the unique requirement of each type of clinic.Mr. Clinic come with the ability to manage branches. We provide scalable software with different
modules like patient files archiving, doctors calendars,HR, Inventory, and Accounting; thereby digitizing the basic management and record-keeping and making management tasks easier. Mr. Clinic come with very simple and cool interface with two languages Arabic and English that make physicians and nursing kit use it smoothly.

Voyage is B2B Travel Technology Platform.Voyage is a Tourism Management System that automates the processes and activities of a travel.Voyage is a flexible web based tour operating system designed to adapt most of needs of any Travel Agencies, Tourism Companies,Tour Operators,Airlines,Group-tours,Cruise Lines,Holiday Home,Theme Parks and Attractions,Coach and Bus Operators,Travel Suppliers and to maintains a centralized repository of all related information. Voyage is suitable for incoming,outgoing and domestic tourism agencies.You can use it equally for manage tour package , flights, cruises, bus tours and group travel.With Voyage you manage you allotments,tour guides,vouchers Creating,itineraries building,your Contracts,dynamic packaging, resources and events calendar.Voyage enable you to connect a huge variety of modules and external solutions to the core reservation system.Connected via API, you can nurture your travel packages with additional services and products from any third-party supplier.With Voyage you have full inventory access and control your inventory and pricing.With Voyage you can manage reservations easier and faster.With Voyage create your own loyalty program,With Voyage sync your web and call center offers to focus on selling one product through all booking channels.Voyage is come to make travel dream come true.we can do this easily via the Travel API. But, if you still need such a solution, we can offer you our B2B solution TravelBand .

TravelBand is your ultimate Tourism Operations Management System.
TravelBand is an advanced software solution designed specifically for the tourism industry. Whether you’re a tour operator, travel agency, or event planner, TravelBand empowers you to manage diverse tourism types seamlessly. It streamlines and automates critical processes, ensuring efficient management of travel operations.
TravelBand come with many features like :

1- Booking & Reservation Management (Inbound Tourism Management, Outbound Tourism Support, Customized Package Creation and Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events (MICE)).

2-Inventory Control

3-Tour Planning and Scheduling

4-Financial Tracking

5-Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

6-Website Builder

Al-Tager is a customized POS system that covered many of real life and daily business transactions like stock management, products, clients, suppliers, Safes , cashiers, Sale bills, Purchase invoices, returns,marketing ……etc.Al-Tager has feature of dealing with scanning and printing barcode labels.Al-Tager is compatible with electronic scales.Al-Tager has a group of reports that covered all parts of transactions with the ability of showing the report in a certain period of time (day, month, year …..etc) and depend on number of criteria.All reports can be printed or be exported them to different formats (excel, word …etc).Al-Tager can work on touch screen.Al-Tager provide you two releases to fit your needs Standalone version (installed on one computer that acts as a server and client in the same time without the networking feature.),Server-Client version (installed on one computer that act as a server and another licenses that installed on number of computer s that act as clients and connected to the server computer central database through network or internet). With Server-Client version you can connect your branches easily and grow your business by establish your franchise and manage it with Al-Tager.In TechCastle we developed Al-Tager and provide it with powerful and customized modules like Stock management,Sales and purchases,Suppliers and clients finance,Pricing module management,Marketing,Accounting to fit most of retail activities such as Supermarket, Couffier, Accessories,car parts,clothes shop and etc…… .Al-Tager versions come with two languages interface Arabic and English.Due to the market need TechCastle provided you also ‘Al-Tager Online’.

Octopus is a Restaurant Management System for managing all types of restaurants (dining,takeaway,delivery) and catering come with a nice responsive interface that allow even new staff to correctly do work professionally.with Octopus you will be able to manage table reservation,tracks customer seating,table management ability to show the tables on floor maps configured to fit your restaurant’s design,smart interactive menu that its items including pictures, detailed description and recipes,captain order that the captain choosing the desired items and can add comments to be sent to the preparation printers,wireless ordering so waiter or captain send orders through own handheld,mobile and tablet,with wireless reporting managers can access functions for more efficiency, with fast and complete POS Functionality,Kitchen Monitor through printed tickets text or display on screens with Fully customizable order display that simplify order preparation, ensure order accuracy, and decrease the average time it takes to complete an order,over than 300 report to monitor all restaurant functionality, users management and security ,enterprise features that enable you to run multiple restaurants with or without centralization and control your franchise,stock management and monitoring like costing and profit control,recipe management, product request module , expiry date management,production,financial management,basic client management module,basic call center module.all that will come with the ability to integrate with our Castrum fully CRM.


Zendo ERP is a full Enterprise resource planning solution to manage and integrate the most important parts of your businesses Zendo offers you full control on your organization through its modules like accounts payable, stock control systems, order-monitoring systems, and customer databases, production, finance, distribution, and human resources. Zendo contains a wonderful dashboard where your users can look at real-time data collected from all across the business to measure productivity and profitability. Zendo enable each department in your organization to manage its tasks independently, but all of the systems can be accessed through one application with one interface to communicate and share information more easily with the rest of the company with Zendo you will eliminate costly duplicate and incompatible technology. As Zendo is not just an ERP but it’s a full solution you will get with it a very powerful and detailed planed that will be tailored for you and your need because we know that any system can be ineffective if a company doesn’t implement it carefully.

Archi-Bank is a document management system (DMS) used to receive, track, manage and store documents and reduce paper. Archi-Bank is enable you to keep a record of the various versions,history tracking (created and modified by different users),reduced Storage Space,enhanced security,improved regulatory compliance,easier documents retrieval,better backup and disaster recovery.Archi-Bank provide storage, versioning, metadata, security and indexing.Archi-Bank store all data that is no longer actively used to its database for long-term retention so you can retrieve it for future reference or regulatory compliance reasons.With Archi-Bank you can automate records management policies, control access to information, and secure a complete history of all document activity for auditing and submissions.Archi-Bank come with features of approve documents for adequacy prior to issue,review, update as necessary, and re-approve documents,identify the changes and current document revision status,make relevant documents available at points of use,ensure the documents remain legible and readily identifiable,identify external documents and control their distribution,prevent obsolete documents from unintended use,apply suitable identification if obsolete documents are retained.Archi-Bank is responsible for the timely, accurate and efficient preparation and management of documents with the ability of versioning and metadata.

Sales-ASCII is a Sales platform aims to manage all sales Operations.Sales-ASCII provide your sales team to do all tasks virtually.With Sales-ASCII you can put strategic guidance,budget,scheduling,sales plan.Sales-ASCII come with the features of Sales Analytics,Data Visualization,Forecasting analytics,Task automation,Reporting and analytics,Real-time data updates,customizable report building tools,Task management,Prebuilt Integrations,Predictive analytics,real-time reports and Interactive cool dashboard.Sales-ASCII enable you to organize all our sales operations and sales team to to achieve goals.


Castrum C.R.M offering more personalized services to build loyalty and build relationship with your customers.Castrum offers you managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers.Castrum helps you stay connected to customers, streamline processes,helps with contact management, sales management, productivity and improve profitability.Castrum offer you to put your visits,campaigns,marketing plans.Castrum provides key performance indicators and reporting tool that lets users connect all their data into a customizable and informative report.With Castrum reps can record their visit details,giveaways,comments.Supervisors can make double meetings and supervise reps. Castrum helps sales manager win more deals and coach reps to become top performers.Castrum come with features of Custom alerts,Email alerts,customer contact,In-call commenting,Interactive and Unified dashboards,Multiple data source connections,Team chat, Real-time reporting,Mobile capabilities,Lead scoring,Lead contact information,Customizable graphs,Strategy notifications,Appointment scheduling,Email tracking.Castrum come with the Geo tracking option.Castrum offers you many plans to fit your need and budget.

Cordoba is a multi-faceted School Management System providing management information at its best, driven by the belief that less work and accurate information will lead to good management and successful learning operation. Cordoba for all types of learning facility of different sizes.Cordoba is an inclusive School Management System to help you and your staff to handle all your learning facility from admissions through academic, finance/accounting and administrative functions , billing and school accounts management, Daily school schedule generation,workflow tools for teachers, staff, parents and pupils ensure daily operations are streamlined, simple and traceable.Cordoba has its E-POS and E-SHOP, purchasing module, budget management,activities,basic hr module all the previous features come with smart Dynamic reports and responsive dashboard, SMS and whats app integration,parent portal. Cordoba has the feature to work on cloud or on your own server.Cordoba can be integrated smoothly with our lMS Kindi on your demand