In TechCastle we try to create a future of new opportunities for our customers through regularly providing new, innovative solutions gives our them a competitive advantage.We adopt a philosophy of that all our customers is the core of TechCastle family is based on core values that serve as the foundation for our decisions, actions, and communication.

In TechCastle we believe in that :

  • “GOOD ETHICS IS GOOD BUSINESS” so nothing is more important to us than the privacy of our customers’ data.
  • “ALL VOICES ARE WELCOME AND HEARD” so demands of our customers and their feedback is the most valuable assets to us as they increase our awareness of what is possible.
  • “TECHNOLOGY CAN HELP OR HARM SOCIETY” so we decide in TechCastle that we will make the technology under our customers authority to improve their business and make their world a better place.

Because We know that our success depends upon our customers’ success so we can create a proud history of helping companies, and the people behind them, grow.

In the following lines we will list our company humble profile, which we built with the help of our valued customers




Some of Our Services

  • Technical Consultation


  • Offshoring & Outsourcing


  • Web/Desktop Development


  • Web Design


  • Marketing & Digital Marketing


  • Networking
  • Infrastructure Setup & Installation


  • Technical Support


  • Security & safety


  • Data Analysis


  • Business Operatinons


  • Accounting & Financial consulting




Products and Projects

Some Of Our Success Partners